July 2016

6 months from now a farm conference like no other will be born!

After conceiving the idea enormous changes have been taking place. This first trimester just as in having a baby you don't really show and it may not have looked like we were going to give birth. But all the necessary and vital growth of the most important parts were happening! Sign up for texts/emails to receive some of theses exciting up dates!

April 2016

Mark your calendar! 9 months from now a farm conference like no other will be born


Come celebrate the newest wave of farmers, ranchers, gardeners, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, chefs, advocates, beekeepers, cheese-makers, butchers, grocers, foodies and food lovers!

We invite you to participate, collectively grapple with big challenges and explore new opportunities right alongside fellow farmers and local food advocates-- together as a community from all over the west.

As this "baby" grows you will want to Sign Up for text and/or emails to know the location, who is speaking, what’s happening when, cost, scholarships, where to stay.....



Gather before the busiest throes of harvest season begin!

Kindle friendships, opportunities and partnerships hard to find in rural areas, uniting an oftentimes disparate movement-- especially for a new wave of agrarians lured to farming not just by tradition but by a vision for a healthier food system and a passion for the land.

Connect with farmers and like-minded folks, collaborate and find the resources needed to thrive within local food webs, stimulate stronger local economies and sustain our natural resources.


Much can be learned online, reading, researching, but sometimes you just gotta be there! It’s not so much about what was said as what you heard!

Learn from inspiring keynotes, unique speakers from far and near, interesting workshops and all you encounter and experience while attending.

Noted Key note speaker Daniel Salatin of Poly Face Farms is the son of Joel Salatin. As the third generation on Polyface farm in Swoope, Virginia, he has grown up in the family business. Today Daniel is fully employed by the farm and spends his days orchestrating animal movement, scheduling daily tasks and apprentice training.


Feeling inspired to make a change in your community?

Learn to utilize your local resources and return home with new connections, tools and inspiration to enhance your farm and empower your community.

By trading ideas and sharing knowledge, skills, notes and advice, you'll return home from this synergetic weekend ready to get to work on establishing a collective buying club, a CSA, a farm or a farmers market, a skill sharing bank or a group to advocate policy reform. Together we can make the changes we need to build a successful, healthy and thriving local food economy. And we're pretty confident that you'll do a good job of it!

The Conference is a unique opportunity for smaller-acreage producers to gain insight and unite for 2 days to engage in conversations, workshops, activities, farm tours and meals.

This conference is organized and presented by Red Acre Farm CSA