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Pre-Conference Events

Friday, Jan. 12

Duck with Executive Chef Shon Foster of Sego
Red Acre Farm in the Farm House Kitchen
Butchering with Chef Drew
South West Tech
9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Barrel Compost
Red Acre Farm

Barrel compound application is an efficient and cost effective way to increase fertility when access to organic composted cow manure is limited. It consists of four components: cow manure, basalt powder, ground eggshells, and the six biodynamic compost preparations #502 - #507 which are potentized through mixing, creating a high concentrated compost. The mixture is placed in a pit, and BD compost preparations are inserted. When the process is carried to completion it yields a highly concentrated compost material which can boost plant health and growth.

Participants will

  1. Learn about Biodynamics and Barrel Compound
  2. Receive two units of concentrated compost to use on their own properties
  3. Support biodynamic activities in our area and the fertility of a local biodynamic farm
Farm Tours (3 farms)