The Utah Farm Conference is committed to fostering new leadership in small and diversified agriculture through a Scholarship and Work Trade Program. We especially welcome applicants who are new to organic, small, diversified, direct to consumer farming.

A scholarship is an opportunity to attend the conference at a reduced rate. Applications will be accepted until January 3, 2017

A very limited number of scholarships covering the entire cost of the conference will be granted. A limited number of partial scholarships will be granted.

Those granted a scholarship will be emailed by January 5 and a discount code to apply to their conference registration. Please note that those who receive a scholarship are required to register for and attend the entire conference.

To Apply for a Scholarship:

  1. Copy and paste the Application Questions into a new email message
  2. Answer the questions in the space below each one
  3. Give the email the subject "Farm Conference Scholarship Application"
  4. Send the email to

Application Questions

Full Name:

Farm/Business Name or Associated Institution (optional):

Full Address:

Phone Number:

Why are you unable to pay for the conference?

Will you not be able to attend with out this scholarship?

How do you plan to use the information you will gain from attending this conference?

How this will benefit you and your community or a community you are or want to develop or work with?