Work Trade

Work Trade is an opportunity to attend the conference at a reduced rate by providing volunteer support for conference activities and logistics. Work Trade is also a great way to engage with the conference community. Applications will be accepted until the night before IF we still have work opportunities!

Work Traders receive a discount of $100 in exchange for 12 hours of work or a discount of $50 in exchange for 6 hours of work. Once accepted, Work Traders will be emailed a discount code to apply for conference registration. Please note that Work Traders are required to register for and attend the entire Conference.

To Apply for Work Trade:

  1. Copy and paste the Work Trade Application Questions into a new email message
  2. Answer the questions in the space below each one
  3. Give the email the subject "Farm Conference Work Trade Application"
  4. Send the email to

Work Trade Application Questions

Full Name:

Farm/Business Name or Associated Institution (optional):

Full Address:

Phone Number:

Is this phone a cell phone which you will have available during the conference?

Email Address:

I'm also applying for (A Scholarship, Only Work Trade, Full time farmer discount):
You are welcome to also apply for a Scholarship, Work Trade and or use the full time farmer discount. Please note that if you receive a Scholarship you may not drop from Work Trade or you will lose your Scholarship.

Please specify ALL that apply (remove the ones that do not):

  • I can work before the conference starting _____________
  • I have computer skills
  • I know how to use social media
  • I can work an early shift at 9 am on Friday 1/13/17
  • I can stay until 8 pm on Saturday 1/14/17
  • I can work late into the evening
  • I have experience with A/V equipment
  • I live in Southern Utah and can pick up goods from farm(s) and transport them to Cedar City week of January 9, 2017
  • I live in the Salt Lake Area and can pick up goods from farm(s) and transport them to Cedar City week of January 9, 2017

If you can move materials, what type of vehicle do you have?

Tell us about yourself! Why do you want to work? List any additional special skills or comments you might have: Word limit 100 words

Please share any abilities or limitations we should be aware of:

Please select the areas that you prefer to work (Set-up/Clean-up: Friday & Saturday; requires lifting):